Lemons to Detox & Boost Metabolism

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We all know that lemons are great to help your body naturally detox and filter out nasty toxins, but did you know that it's the base of a perfect salad dressing or idea to wash any nasties off your fruit?

Here's our top 11 ideas that you can use lemon for. 

  • Curb Your Cravings

Drink a glass of water with lemon before meals to help you avoid overeating. A registered dietician tells us that “polyphenols in lemons may aid in reducing appetite”.

  • Wash your Produce

Grocery store produce is dirtier than you think so doing more than a quick rinse is always a good idea. Stir up lemon juice with a bit of vinegar and water to make an all-natural fruit and vegetable wash.

  • Clear a Cold

Steaming cups of tea with lemon is one of our favourite cold fighting foods. The boost of vitamin C of lemon juice (1/4 cup contains about 23mg) is great for kicking a cold.

  • Boost Metabolism

Lemon water is a great addition to your morning routine because it can jump start your metabolism by helping you keep a healthy weight and be active.

  • Fresh Breath

When it comes to personal hygiene, it may help your mouth smell cleaner. The citrus in lemon water may help to reduce growth of bacteria in the mouth, which may lead to fresher breathe.

  • It makes you regular

Along with helping your gut and liver, lemon infused water can be part of healthy way to help you go to the bathroom. Increasing fluid intake can help to promote regular bowel movements. Although lemon juice itself doesn’t provide much fibre, getting in pulp and zest from the peel could help boost fibre content which will help you go as well.

  • Increase your metabolism

We generally associate potassium with bananas, but it turns out lemons are a good source as well.  Potassium is an element that is essential for cell function and metabolism, transmission of nerve signals.

  • Improve Liver Function

Another boon of staying hydrated with lemon water is helping your liver do a better job at filtering your body. Boosting overall hydration can help to improve the function of all organs in body, including the liver. Studies have found that the citrus flavouroids in lemon may protect the liver against toxins and reduce fat in the liver, protecting against fatty liver disease.

  • May help you look younger

The Vitamin C in lemon juice might actually help your skin. Higher Vitamin C intakes were associated with fewer wrinkles because vitamin C is a nutrient that can fight off free-radical damage protecting your skin.  In addition the hydration from the water helps skin stay more subtle and proves a more youthful appearance.

  • Quick Salad Dressing

Out of the bottled stuff? Whisk lemon juice and a bit of lemon zest together with olive oil and a few seasonings and you’re in business.

  • Banish Bloating

Alkalizing lemon juice can help balance your pH levels. Mix with some ginger, cloves, cayenne and honey to settle your stomach and relieve gas – the perfect cure after a big meal.

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