Lose 10kg in 30 Days

Nourish and fuel your body with a balanced whole foods approach to weight loss. Combine the benefits of our powerful all natural fat loss and detox products designed to rev up your metabolism to burn fat fast.

Our Bestselling Program Bundles

Essential Combo Bundle

Metabolism Drops and Slimming Body Patches are the perfect combo to get started.

Accelerator Trio Bundle

Accelerate your fat loss the addition of our popular Leptin Drops to manage hunger.

Shake Loss Bundles

Shake it off with our Shake Loss Bundles which include lean whey protein packs plus drops & patches.


Results Driven Fat Loss System

SLIMTOX is a proven and results driven program that will help you shed up to 10 kilos in only 4 weeks.

Our balanced whole foods approach to weight loss is combined with the benefits of our powerful (all natural) fat burning Drops and Patches that will transform your body all without feeling hungry, deprived or tired.

Reset your body and achieve healthy weight loss goals with our simple 3-step program.


Nutritional Plans that are easy!

The SLIMTOX program is a back to basics system and amazingly simple to follow.

A comprehensive list of allowed foods is included with your program where you can enjoy an abundance of fresh, whole foods that have been specifically chosen to nourish your body, burn unwanted fat and promote gut health.

Two programs are available to choose from. The Original 26 Day Program follows the structured guidelines of a HCG Diet while the Slim Down & Reset is a one-step that allows the freedom of healthy fats each day.

The golden rule applies to both programs of no grains, no sugars, as well as the choice to enjoy up to 2 low carb "Shake Loss" Shakes daily along with a balanced meal.

I love this tasty & creamy protein shake in the morning. It stabilises my blood sugar & I don't feel hungry until lunch time. Sometimes I replace dinner with a shake to spare calories. An amazing product that delivers what it promises! Thank you Slimtox.
— Katha J. (Slim Down & Reset Plan)
8 days in and I absolutely love this product and PROGRAM! I’ve lost 5kgs and overall feel better in myself and my eating habits. Would definitely recommend getting the trio bundle to start with.
— Lauren S. (Original 26 Day Program)
I was desperate ... 46 years of age and knowing that if I didn't lose weight now it was going to be near impossible down the track. At this point I have lost 16kg and can see my goal in sight. I love what Slimtox has helped me achieve. I say a brilliant tool for weightless. Thankyou so much.
— Belinda W. (Original 26 Day Program)

Most Asked Questions

How does it work?

The homeopathic drops and patches work to boost and reset a sluggish metabolic system into releasing stored body fat and convert into energy whilst following a simple, back-to-basics food plan.

Does this require me to go on a diet?

Yes, together with the natural products you will follow a proven program that will give you the very best results. This covers easy choices of the correct foods and also portion sizes your body needs to properly reset and burn excess body weight and fat stores.

Will I gain weight back after I finish?

We have created a special 21 day Body Reset plan that will assist your body to rebalance and reset at your new healthy weight. We guide you through an easy process to reintroduce all food groups and calories back to a healthy intake so you can be assured of locking your weight in.

How much weight can I lose?

Each person is different especially when it comes to losing unwanted weight. Our program is created to reset and rebalance your metabolism and engage it into burning unwanted fat stores which can be different for everybody.

Can I do your program if I'm breastfeeding?

We do not recommend our program while you are pregnant or breastfeeding as our drops contain alcohol and you will be following a low calorie food guide.

I eat healthy already so can I just use the products?

Our specifically-tailored plans been put together by our Nutritionist to ensure that you eat the right combination of foods and portion sizes during the program. Results cannot be guaranteed if you don't use the plans in conjunction with our products.

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