Can I use body lotion on a HCG Diet?

Posted by Jennifer Whalland on

Avoid cosmetics and skin care products on HCG – This is a common statement on many HCG Programs around.

They all spruik it, "don’t use oils or creams or avoid essential oils on the program". Seriously, how dry would your skin be if you avoided using daily moisturiser, cream or the all important sun protection cream. If it’s all natural and free from parabens and other toxic nasties, then we highly recommend using it and it WON’T AFFECT YOUR LOSSES on the program.

We state that cosmetics and skin care products have little to no impact on weight loss. It’s been our experience that many places that suggest cosmetics are the reason you’re not losing weight is unfounded. To be honest, there is no scientific evidence to show otherwise. The beauty industry has come a long was since the original manuscript was written in 1950 and so has our knowledge and love of essential oils especially.

Using oils or creams on your skin won’t make you stall or gain body fat. It’s just not possible. If that was the case then everybody in the world who uses daily moisturisers or oils would be overweight? (Food for thought right there).

SLIMTOX has helped thousands of people worldwide with our unique HCG Diet Plan and we encourage each and everyone of them to continue with their daily routines including massages and yet … they still achieve amazing results.

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