How to do Phase 3 of HCG Diet

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Phase 3 of a traditional HCG Diet can be very daunting. You have had the structure and discipline for the previous phase, but now you feel overwhelmed and a little scared to eat more. 

We have broken it down to make it easy for you to understand. The SLIMTOX Metabolic Reset Program comes complete with a 21 Day Body Reset Phase which explains in more details on which foods to introduce, week by week, and what portion size you should be eating. 

However, here is a guide to help you if you haven't been following the SLIMTOX plan, but looking for some answers.

Now is the time to get really excited as you have lost your weight (or at least done 90 days of the fat burning Phase 2) and are ready to ‘lock it in’. We also refer to this phase as “Reset” as it’s been known to reset your metabolism.

This phase lasts for 21 days and begins 72 hours after you have stopped using the support products (drops or patches) and still continued following the Phase 2 food portions and guidelines. By following the portions and same foods as the ‘fat burning foods list’, you will now increase your calories with some additional and specific food items. It’s as simple as a little bit of carbs here and an extra portion of protein there.

Going from 500 calories a day to 1500 (or 1800 for men) can seem a little overwhelming but don’t let it stress you out. You WON’T GAIN your weight back if you follow these simple rules.  After 23-90 days, your body is more than ready to embrace the extra nourishment from the increase which it needs to prevent an accidental reduced metabolic rate.

Instead of slowing down and ‘burning out’ from 90 days of fat burning, it will remain FIRED UP to stay in fat burning mode because of the immediate increase in healthy calories (remember you aren’t using the products any more which released these extra calories from your fat stores).

As you are eating 3 times more calories a day (that's around 1500 calories), you are doing more for your weight loss goals then remaining in Phase 2. 

During the “reset” phase, you can expect to see:

  • Reset metabolism
  • Stabilised blood sugars
  • Optimised insulin activity
  • Increased energy
  • Maintained weight loss

This phase is fairly simple. Eat a little more, eat sensibly and let your body do the work.

Each day, instead of eating 2 x 100 gram of protein, you will either have 3 x 100 grams or 2 x 150 grams. This is the portion size you should be eating from now on. Also add in one serve of carbs as below and a healthy (tablespoon size) of fats such as olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc.

  • 1 cup (cooked): Quinoa, Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Beans, Pasta
  • 2 slices: Whole Wheat or Sourdough Bread
  • 1 medium: Sweet Potato

Don’t be afraid of healthy carbs and starches. Your body needs healthy carbs to survive and also function at it’s optimal.

It also helps hormones to remain balanced and your metabolism keeps it’s fat burning speed when you supply it with the complex carbs needed to provide proper nutrition and energy. You will also get your body ready to accept these foods after the program and still be able to facility weight loss based on the reintroduction of these carbs now.

Many people who follow these guidelines don’t gain any extra weight. The body in fact responds to the increase of calories and macros (carbs and fats) with maintaining the ferocity of the metabolism to continue burning fat for energy.  If you go off and eat too much of the wrong foods (you know what we mean), you WILL gain unwanted weight and you should then try and apple day or steak day to promote weight loss again.


The program is not intended for you to continue in Phase 2 for an indefinite amount of time or should you just stop and skip this phase all together. That is a recipe for disaster!

If you continue on in Phase 2 for longer than recommended, you will put your body into starvation mode which triggers the hormones to alert your metabolism to stop burning fat and start storing it instead.   You will go from fat burning ketosis to induced starvation mode very quickly. Not only will you be starving your body and compromising your program but you will also gain more weight back quicker than ever before. If you need to lose more weight after 90 days, please go into phase 3 then do another round (phase 1, 2 and 3 again).

A few tips for success in Phase 3

Continue to weigh and measure yourself regularly and track your food in your food diary.  Keeping up these good habits will help you to maintain accountability after you have completed the program.

 Spend time around family and friends who are supportive of your weight loss and new healthy lifestyle. 

Think of Phase 3 as a continuation of your weight loss goals. You are allowing your body to recognise it’s new weight and your improved metabolic rate so that you can continue to keep your transformed body lifestyle long after you have completed the program. 

If you are serious about staying slim and maintaining your weight loss, you must forgo unhealthy choices and adapt a new positive attitude towards food and an active lifestyle.

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