Is HCG Diet Suitable For Men

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Below is a testimonial written by Brad who lost a staggering 54.7 kilograms in less than 5 months. We have had men of all ages achieve incredible success and in fact, they achieve faster results than women due to higher muscle mass and testosterone levels.
If you are thinking about starting our program and have reservations thinking it's for "women only", we encourage you to take a few minutes and read the article below. 


"Firstly… this program is amazing and has changed my life significantly.

I have struggled with weight for a long time after finishing my sporting career early due to injuries in my mid 20’s. I am reasonably tall 6’2” and have a broad frame and always thought that I carried the extra weight well……

I would see photos at family functions etc and think wow that’s a bad angle, I don’t look that bad….. I then found myself trying to avoid photos where possible as what I would see would make me feel very depressed about my image. I soon ballooned out to just over 145kg.

Over the past few years I have tried several diets with no luck or results to be excited about what so ever and honestly thought that I would be very overweight for the rest of my life….. the increased weight had an effect on my blood pressure however with multiple tablets could keep it under control.

My wife then asked me if I would like to try your SLIMTOX program, at first reluctant “how can wearing patches help with weight loss” was my first comment. I felt I owed it to my wife as she had researched your program so why not I will give it a go.

Once my patches arrived on they went and my two load days started.

November 30 and December 1 2018 were my two load days and the morning of the 2nd I weighed in at 145.7kg…. a depressing sight.

Much to my surprise the morning of December 3 I had lost 1.4kg and again the morning of the 4th another loss of 1.5kg. 2.9kg in two days, too good to be true no doubt level and stop at some time very soon, however by the end of the first week 5.9kg loss was incredibly exciting for me and already felt better in myself.

By Christmas I had lost 12.4kg and was enjoying the comments I was receiving about the difference in my appearance, the loss of 12.4kg in 25 days I found to be amazing and had me completely dedicated to this diet, at this stage I was doing little exercise only focusing on the diet. I was getting excited, where would I like to get to, 120kg that would be great, could I do better and get to 110kg, if I could get between 100 and 110kg I would be over the moon…….so rather than setting a goal I decided to keep going until I was happy.

In Mid-February 2019, a very significant milestone for me was getting under 110kg, a weight for me that I thought would never be possible.

I soon realised on this diet I can achieve the weight that I want, so at this point my goal was to hit 100kg and even if only for 1 day lets gets under the 100kg mark…..WOW exciting…..

25th March 2019, a significant day my daughters birthday and 99.3KG on the scales, so incredibly excited, I had not been at this weight in over 20 years….. that’s for an overall weight loss of 46.4 kg from the 1st December to now, not quite 4 months…. So I thought, let's hit 50kg loss……I can do it.

9th April 2019, 94.8kg….. I did it, I’m proud, I’m excited and I feel incredible.

I’m now entering Phase 3 of this program and currently weigh 93.0kg, a staggering weight loss of 52.7kg in less than 5 months."



"This has changed my life, I feel fantastic, the comments I receive all the time from people is music to my ears and puts a smile on my face every time.

I don’t have any clothes in my wardrobe that fits but what a great problem to have, my wife is already enjoying buying me new clothes, my work shirts have gone from 4XL now to a large, my jeans have gone form a 42 now 32, I can’t believe it, I have my confidence back and want photos to be taken all the time.

However the best part of the weight loss is the ENERGY I now have to play with my 6 year old daughter, its amazing and we both love it and play all day when we have the chance, and get a kick out of her calling me a Skinny Minnie.

I have halved my blood pressure medication and I no longer need to take reflux medication. 

The two things that I owe a huge thank you too are, firstly my wife for introducing me to this diet and telling me to give it a go and secondly this diet SLIMTOX what a brilliant program it's amazing."




Editors Note: If you are a guy and wanting to do our diet, you do not need any special drops or patches to achieve results. The only difference you will need is an increase to your protein and portions which is explained in the download program guide. 

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