How does the 26 Day Program work?

Posted by Jennifer Whalland on

The Original 26 Day Program by SLIMTOX teaches you mindful eating to help you lose unwanted weight while the products work to reset your metabolism back to its healthy function to prevent unwanted weight gain again.

By following the 3 simple stages along with our approved food list, you will learn which foods to eat to suit your body best.


For the first 2 days, you will begin using the fat metabolising products and eat a healthy variety of protein, fats, fruit & vegetables. This will assist with the metabolic reset in the following days as well as help build up your energy (fat) stores while depleting glycogen stores from your body and flicking the switch over to using fat for energy not carbs. 


At day 3 you will begin the most enjoyable step. This is designed to promote rapid and last weight loss. The program guide will detail everything regarding portion sizes and a list of approved foods to eat during this step. Whilst you may think you eat 'healthy' or 'clean', our food list has been extensively researched to include the very best choices to promote fat burning and satiety during this stage.


The final step of the program and probably the most critical. During this stage, you will have the knowledge and tools to continue with your new healthy lifestyle as well as support your metabolic reset. This stage allows you to enjoy higher portions plus the reintroduction of healthy fats and carbs again.

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