Over 26 days, you will follow our simple 3-Phase Structure program. These steps have been created to help you detox, burn unwanted fat and give your body a complete RESET! It's a proven formula that has seen thousands achieve life changing transformations.

To begin, you will use our natural support products (drops and patches) that will trigger your body to release unwanted fat and use as energy while you follow a specific nutritional guide. While the food intake may appear low (compared to what you are currently eating), the foods are clean, whole foods that we call "Farm To Plate".

It's these foods that complement the natural drops and patches to enable your body to fully function while on the low calorie intake plan.

Wholefoods provide your body with the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals for complete Whole Body Wellness.



PHASE 1: FAT LOADING - Days 1 and 2 begin by using the Fat Burning products and loading up your fat stores with high calorie foods and fats in preparation for Phase 2. Don't worry about any gains as it will quickly come off in the next few days. It's a great time to have a final fling of your favourite pasta dish or red wine as you won't be able to indulge in the coming 24 days.

PHASE 2: FAT BURNING - From day 3 to day 26, you will follow the approved foods and eat the portions as mentioned in the program guide. You will have 2 meals and 2 snacks each day. During this phase, the products will trigger the release of stored fat into your bloodstream while the foods you eat during this phase are supplementing these calories. If you have not yet achieved your goal, you can continue up to 60 days in this phase.

PHASE 3: TOTAL BODY RESET - Also known as maintenance phase. You will finish using the drops and patches and reintroduce a wider choice of foods. During the final 21 days, we explain week by week which foods to reintroduce and portion sizes relevant to your body and metabolism. It's here where we unlock the secret to maintaining your weight loss. Support products such as the Crave Control Drops are handy to keep any hunger pangs in check.

All 3 phases are covered in the program guide which is included with your order in PDF format.



You can drink as much water, herbal tea, black coffee as you desire.

Snack: A serve of strawberries with a dollop of natural greek yoghurt

Lunch: A serve of Salmon fillet with grilled vegetables

Snack: Shake Loss Protein Shake

Dinner: Zoodles with Bolognaise

We like to keep our meals quick and easy and ones that the whole family can enjoy. Batch cooking is highly recommended for those busy times when you just don't have the time or energy to prepare and cook.

No counting calories or weighing vegetables. You can also add in an approved portion of healthy fats such as ghee or a small shaving of parmesan cheese.

Will I regain the weight

The 21-day Body Reset phase is last step and the most important part of the program. It should not be skipped as it helps individuals establish healthier habits, both in terms of nutrition and lifestyle, which contributes in maintaining weight loss.

The Body Reset Phase involves consuming whole, nutrient-dense foods while eliminating processed and high-calorie options. This can reset the palate, making individuals more inclined to appreciate and choose healthier foods even after the program ends.

Learning to recognize appropriate portion sizes is a crucial aspect of maintaining weight loss. The Body Reset Phase includes guidance on portion control, helping individuals better manage their calorie intake suitable for their body shape and size.


It originated from the traditional structure of an outdated HCG Diet Protocol.

So, if you have heard or done a HCG Diet, Detox Program, Slimming Detox, Fat Loss Protocol or anything else that follows the Dr Simeons Protocol while using weight loss drops to help shift unwanted kilos, it's now time forget what they told you.

SLIMTOX has revolutionised the HCG Diet Industry in Australia with our modern approach to whole body wellness. While we use homeopathic support products to induce fat reduction, we have reworked the nutritional plans to be more adaptable to the busy modern life.

Our programs allow you to ditch the scales (kitchen and bathroom), eat more, add in healthy fats (optional) and not count one single calorie.

This modern and updated approach focusses on achieving whole body wellness will you can still achieve the same fat loss success.

Say goodbye to outdated rules of eating 500 calories a day!

The Total Body Reset program offers an extensive list of whole foods to enjoy on the program all without counting and weighing food portions.

From the very start you will be taking the steps and obtain the knowledge in making the lifestyle changes in what foods best suit you, eating the right portion sizes and how to eat for fuelling your body. Best of all, during the Body Reset (Phase 3), we unlock the secret to keeping your weight off for good.

We have developed this program to offer a balanced lifestyle program that goes beyond diet. We do not focus on "kilos lost" instead, you will naturally lose weight at your own pace while feeling absolutely amazing! We believe the Total Body Reset program will empower you to make the right the choices which will give you the confidence to embrace a new healthy lifestyle.

Many factors needs to be considered such as age, weight, lifestyle, medication etc.

Average weight loss on a 26 day round is 7-10 kilograms or 15-22 pounds and up to 2 sizes in clothing.

While the end results will be a reduction in body size, the journey is about nourishing and fuelling your body with whole foods while using our holistic support products. It's about enjoying a postive body transformation experience.

The SLIMTOX Total Body Reset Program is simple to follow, inexpensive and one that you will continue to use by following the guidelines long after you have achieved your fat loss success.

Unlike other HCG Diet Plans, the SLIMTOX team has removed the stress of counting calories and provide an extensive list of foods which allow you to enjoy an abundance of fresh, clean produce that will nourish your body, burn fat, and promote good gut health.

You can lose as much as 4 kilos in your first week with our successful and proven meal guidelines.

Yes. In order to reduce body fat, you will need to be in calorie deficit with your nutrition.

While we don't encourage you to count calories or weigh your foods it is a low calorie diet. Our focus is more on the nutrients and fuel that our approved foods will give your body without the stress of counting calories.

It's important to note that Calories are not created equal. Which is more nutrient rich for your body .... an apple (78 calories) or a Krispy Kreme Donut (190 calories)?

Embracing the journey towards a healthier lifestyle, we have established a dynamic and engaging online support group dedicated to weight loss.

This virtual community serves as a valuable platform for individuals striving to achieve their wellness goals. Within this group, members are provided with a safe and motivating space to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Peer-to-peer encouragement and guidance thrive as participants uplift each other, fostering a sense of camaraderie that bolsters determination. Our qualified experts and moderators actively participate, providing evidence-based advice, personalised tips, and regular check-ins to ensure members stay on track.

The online support group harnesses the power of collective motivation and shared knowledge, transforming the weight loss journey into an empowering and connected experience.

Join us today https://www.facebook.com/groups/slimtox

There are two options included in your Total Body Reset Program Guide that both give you fast and consistent fat loss.

The Total Body Reset is based on the standard HCG Diet Protocol which completely eliminates healthy fats from your diet for 24 days. Calorie consumption is around 500-550 per day. We have also included a popular option of adding in portioned sizes of healthy fats* with your meals (this was previously known as our Slim Down Program). This option is ideal if you are active or feel that you would enjoy some extra calories to sustain your lifestyle. The addition of healthy fats will increase your calorie intake to around 800 per day.

Both options are included in the Total Body Reset Program.

*Healthy fats when consumed with a low carbohydrate diet provide an immediate energy source. These fats are not stored as fat.

Yes, if you have not reached your goals at day 26, then you can continue for a further 30 days. It's important to complete Phase 3 before you do a second or third consecutive round.

Once you begin the program, you will no longer be feeding our body with high sugars that will spike blood sugars. If you are prone to sugar and carb cravings please order a bundle that contains our popular Crave Control Drops.

We refrain from providing a money-back guarantee for weight loss due to the intricate and highly individual nature of the process.

Weight loss outcomes can be influenced by a multitude of factors, such as genetics, metabolism, medical conditions, lifestyle choices, and adherence to our customised program. The effectiveness of weight loss methods varies significantly from person to person, making it challenging to guarantee specific results. Moreover, sustainable and healthy weight loss often requires long-term commitment and gradual changes, making it difficult to accurately predict short-term outcomes.

Instead of focusing solely on results, we are committed to offering comprehensive support, evidence-based guidance, and tailored resources to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals in a holistic and realistic manner.

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