Saggy Skin, Cellulite and HCG

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Many people who have a lot of weight to lose often ask if they will end up with a lot of excess or saggy, loose skin once they finish a HCG program.

In our opinion, the HCG Diet is one of the best diets and weight loss programs available. It will work for everyone no matter how much weight (or stubborn fat) they want to lose. Many of those who have come to us have previously tried numerous weight loss programs or transformation program with little or no success. 

As our signature IGNITE drops contain trace elements of the HCG hormone. Users of the program are quickly amazed at how fast they see it working as the hcg acts quickly to help with appetite suppression making it easier to follow a 500 calorie plans to shed unwanted fat naturally. But the question is, once you lose the fat, will you have excess skin?

For people who are new to the program or understanding the science behind how HCG actually works, it is important to see and understand what HCG is and how it will affect your body and skin when you start our program.

HCG is a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is  commonly known as “the female hormone present during pregnancy”. When a woman becomes pregnant her HCG (natural hormone) levels rise to protect and nourish the baby. The purpose of HCG is to trigger the hypothalamus gland in the brain to release abnormal fat. In pregnancy the fat stores are used to nourish the baby. However, when used as part of a weight loss program, it can result in thousands of calories of stored fat lost in those hard to get off areas of the body such as tummy, bum, thighs and hips. Not only is muscle mass prevented while dieting on HCG (due to the amino acids in the formula), but metabolism improves as well.

The answer lies in the HCG hormone itself. A common feature often noticed in expectant mothers is the "pregnancy look" or a very healthy "glow." This particular phenomenon is not coincidence or made-up but actually a result of accumulating HCG within the mother's body. The hormone HCG is meant not only for the protection of the baby, but for the well being of the mother as well.  One of the biggest factors of HCG is its effect on the skin. Only with HCG is a woman's skin able to stretch so far and rapidly during pregnancy and then quickly rebound and return to its normal state.

HCG actually improves skin elasticity and can reduce the appearance of cellulite and skin dimpling. Because of its profound and beneficial effects on the skin and its ability to pull abnormal fat, the HCG diet can actually provide great body contouring. If following the program correctly, most HCG dieters should not have issues with excessive or loose skin.

Our customers are pleasantly surprised at how quickly they drop the weight and that they just seem to be "shrinking" from everywhere...including their skin.

HCG is a remarkable hormone, and only with the SLIMTOX program can you achieve dramatic weight loss with an amazing body contouring results that prevents saggy, loose skin.

Disclaimer: if you have a lot of weight to lose (over 30kg) or have loose, untoned excess skin to begin with, the program cannot reduce the volume of skin.

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