What is Loading on a HCG Diet?

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Successful loading is the key to losing body fat on a HCG Diet Protocol.

The HCG diet is based on a proven ‘protocol’ with 3 phases that must be followed. It is important to note that you should not begin any of the phases without successfully completing the previous one. There really is no short cut to this program to accelerate the success. Just as the ‘fat burning Phase 2’ is important, so too is the Loading Phase (Phase 1) and Body Reset/Maintenance (Phase 3). You can’t skip or expedite any step as they each have their own formula for success.

Why Do I need to Fat Load?

There are two key reasons that you will need to load. The first reason is to allow the ingredients within our patches and drops to build up into the bloodstream over 48-72 hours. The second reason is to fill your fat stores to prepare your body for the beginning of Phase 2 which is a considerably low-calorie deficit and should not be undertaken without loading properly.  

The first phase of ‘The Original Program’ or any HCG Diet is called ‘Fat Loading’, ‘Loading Phase’ or just simply ‘Phase 1’.  It is a vital phase and should be done correctly so you can continue into Phase 2. During the first 2 days of the program, you begin by taking your products as directed and commence with your load days.  When done correctly, the loading days will help to alleviate hunger and transition easily into Phase 2. After around 72 hours from the commencement of the program (or the start of Phase 2), the formula from the products will begin to convert fat stores into fuel. As these fat stores are now ‘filled’ from loading, your body feels safe going into the lower calorie phase of the program.

What Should I Eat During Fat Loading?

The first 2 days of the program should include a wide variety of food consumption. We suggest you focus on healthy, high fat foods such as full fat dairy, avocados, nuts, olives, salmon, fatty meats such as sausages, lamb, marbled steak, even a little bacon won’t hurt. With this being said, it’s also a nice time for you to indulge in some choices that you might miss while embarking on your new healthy lifestyle. We do recommend to keep these indulgences minimal (wine and cheese anyone?).

On the first day, you may enjoy a breakfast of bacon, eggs and tomato with a slice of sour dough bread, 1 cup of raw nuts as a snack. Lunch could be salad with avocado, crispy bacon strips, cheese and olive oil or oil based salad dressing; cheese and crackers for afternoon snack; dinner is sausages or lamb cutlets, mash potato, peas and gravy.  Finish the night off with a dessert of coconut icecream and some dark chocolate.  Remember your water intake also being around 6-8 glasses daily which you should continue through the entire program. Good habits start early!

What is the Best Way to Load on a HCG Diet?

We always recommend to listen to your body. Many people think that on loading days it is a great time to gorge and eat until they are uncomfortably stuffed. We prefer to eat in a way that is functional for your digestion. If you over-eat, your body has to work harder to digest your fatty food. Our motto is to Eat until you are ‘no longer hungry’ and do not allow yourself to get hungry.  Again, listen to your body and plan these 2 days ahead of time.

But If I eat fat, will I gain weight?

Think ‘end game’. You need to fill your fat stores to successfully complete the program. A few grams may be gained which is common. The loading days really do prime your body by filling fat stores all while the HCG builds up to a level in the body to stimulate fat burn during Phase 2.

How do I know if I loaded properly?

When you transition into Phase 2, you should not experience any uncontrolled hunger or feelings of starvation. The drop in calories is manageable and you may even experience low appetite. This is normal, but we do recommend you follow the guidelines set out for Phase 2 and this too should not be changed or adapted in any way. It is important to maintain your calorie intake during this phase. 

How often should I load?

You do not need to load again if you continue in Phase 2 for longer than 26 days. The only time you should reload is if you complete Phase 3 and have a 14 day reset in between ‘rounds’.

Do I load if I cheat on the program?

No you do not need to load again if you have gone off the program for any time less than 7 days (such as a weekend). In this instance we recommend you simply refocus and continue in Phase 2.   A load phase should only be done if you have completely stopped the program including not using the products for a period of longer than 7 consecutive days.


Editors Note: You do not need to ‘load’ if you are following the Slim Down & Reset Program as the daily calorie intake is higher.

Loading should not be feared as it really is the best way to prepare your body for the ‘fat burning & detox phase’ of the second stage. Without loading correctly, you will set yourself up for failure and you may not achieve the amazing success that the program gives you.

Please always follow the guidelines and if unsure if this program is suitable for you, seek the advice of your qualified healthcare professional.

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