Why a Whey Protein Blend is better for weight loss

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Both WPC (WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE) and WPI (WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE) are beneficial in weight loss, but in different ways.

First, let’s start with WPC (WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE). WPC contains around 80% protein, but also contains higher levels of fats and carbohydrates than WPI. 

While protein plays a major role in weight loss, it’s these fats and carbohydrates that help give an essential energy source for the function of organs and the central nervous system.

WPC also contains important macro and micro-nutrients that are vital for our bones, muscles, skin, internal organs and WEIGHT LOSS.

WPI (WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE) on the other hand contains higher amounts of protein, around 90% but has a very minimal carbohydrate content. WPI also provides the body with essential amino acids that help with maintaining muscles. 

The essential amino acids also help increase METABOLIC FAT BURN, which is the burning of excess calories, instead of the body storing it as excess body weight.

In short by blending both WPC and WPI together gives the body a high source of essential protein to fuel and initiate weight loss, but also the vital fats and carbohydrates plus nutrients the body needs to function like it should. 

Essentially, you are revving up your body to efficiently burn excess weight, but at the same fuelling the process. By implementing a high quality protein source like our Shake Loss Powder in between your meals, you keep the burning of stored body fat at a more consistent rate. This also helps in keeping blood sugar levels more balanced.

This balancing of blood sugar levels can also help in, and reduce mindless snacking and hunger spikes, that contribute highly to weight gain, but also are detrimental to achieving and maintaining a healthier body weight.

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