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It’s 100% OK to love your body and still want to lose fat to improve health and shape. Let’s look at a pair of bathroom scales. Get on them and make a note of the number. Now drink a litre of water and get back on them again. Heavier, right?


When we say we want to lose weight, it’s a turn of phrase. What we actually mean is we want to lose unwanted FAT. We’re interested in becoming fitter, stronger, healthier and wearing a size or two smaller in clothes. Weight loss will come with fat loss.




To lose fat (not weight), we need to eat better and challenge our muscles through exercise. After your first week on the program, you will see a large drop on the scales which is only a small bit of body fat, the rest is water and stored carbohydrates (glycogen). You will notice after around 14-21 days on the program that your clothes will fit better and there will be some muscle definition and people will start to notice and ask, “What’s your secret?”.


Your work pants will slide on easier and the zip goes up without effort. You may step back on the scales and notice that the number doesn’t reflect the success of having lost the inches or what you see in the mirror before you. What has happened is the fat levels have reduced and bone density has improved and muscles become more toned. So this shows that the two balance each other out and every person will show this differently.



During the program you will not see losses every day. Your body will zig zag between losing grams and centimetres. If you want to weigh daily and it does not show a loss, don't stress, just trust the process and continue following the food plan and your daily activity. Remain focussed.


Gains are usually explained by water weight, menstrual cycle, too much salt in the diet, undigested food, waste in your bowels. If you become constipated, increase your fibre intake (dark leafy greens) or take a fibre drink to help support your body to flush out the waste.




We are strong advocates for trusting the tape. Included with your order is a tape measure and chart. We recommend you take your first measurements on day 1 and every 7 days after. Keep a log on the centimetres lost.


The biggest motivation is clothes. Have that pair of jeans or dress that is a little snug at the start of the program. Keep your eye on the prize and use clothing as your true gauge of success. As we have said, it's not so much the "weight lost" but really slimming down to lose excess unhealthy body fat from your organs and tissue to become healthier.


If you are absolutely obsessed with using the scales as your progress mark, understand that it has to be done at the exact time each day and naked. Use the scales as a record and not an obsession.



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