Achieve better results through natural metabolic process.

SLIMTOX has proudly partnered with a new homeopath who shares the same values and commitment to deliver quality products that enhance wellbeing.


Our new Ignite Metabolism Drops now contain a superior higher potency formula crafted from quality ingredients of homeopathic HCG, L Carnitine, Ornithine and Arginine. This combination will work efficiently to support a sluggish hypothalamus that controls hunger and cravings while it triggers the body to release and metabolise stored body fat into the bloodstream.

This advanced bioenergetic formula will result in you achieving better weight loss results.


Ultra Lean Whey Protein Blend

Manufactured and packed right here in Australia, this superior formula of Whey Protein Blend (WPI/WPC) is a great addition to all our Nutritional Programs.

The Shake is light and smooth and blends well with just water but also can be mixed with alternatives such as almond milk for a creamy texture and different flavour profile.

Our 500 gram pouches include up to 14 servings and are available in Chocolate and Vanilla.

Shake Loss Powder is great to have as an in between snack or while on-the-go.

unique matrix technology

Slimming Body Patch

Originally launched in 2017, SLIMTOX was the first to include a Body Patch for use with a HCG Diet Plan.

Patches are a great alternative to those who are unable to use drops and work extremely effectively with both programs. In fact, they can be worn after the program to help with managing weight loss and appetite control.

When applied to your skin, the formula heats up and is slowly absorbed through the transdermal layer and taken up into the bloodstream.

After the initial application, the formula can take up to 12 hours to reach its peak and will remain in your system for a further 12 hours. We recommend you wear 2 patches daily for optimal delivery of nutrients.

Only at SLIMTOX will you find a high quality patch formula that works to support your metabolism with its unique and powerful adaptogen formula.


Crave Control Leptin Drops

The Leptin Drops are a great addition to the program with drops taken twice a day to support your body to regulate the 'appetite hormone' known as Leptin.

Leptin helps to prevent hunger and regulate energy balance so that your body doesn't trigger a hunger response when it actually doesn't need additional food.

Leptin has a more profound effect when you lose weight. As your body fat (adipose tissue) decreases, your leptin levels decrease, which signals your body to think that it’s starving. This stimulation can cause episodes of binge eating and can stall weight loss or bring back bad eating habits after you've completed the program.

This is where the drops come into play. They are best used during the course of the program to support and maintain healthy Leptin levels.


Lymphatic Cleansing & Detox Patch

The only one of it's kind in Australia and a true detox patch. Formulated with 10 powerful adaptogens known for their ability to support a congested and poor functioning lymphatic system. They work to support a natural cleanse to remove toxic sources of body aches and pains, bloating, fat deposits and feelings of lethargy.

When your lymphatic system begins to unblock and the 'stagnant' lymphatic fluid is cleansed and once again moving freely, excess fluid and toxins are flushed from the body through the detoxification process elevating your body of previously mentioned problems.

This patch is available in a bundle that includes a 21 Day Detox and Cleanse Guide that is perfect to do prior to beginning our Metabolic Reset Programs. Included in our guide is a food list, recipes, how to detox your mind, body and home and so much more.

Available in a 42 Patch Pack is available giving you a 21 days supply.