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Metabolic Reset Products

Rich in plant nutrients and amino acid complexes, our range of homeopathic products work by engaging the metabolism to burn off excess body weight when used exclusively with our high nutritional program. Achieve maximum fat burning results by combining our range of products together to get your body back to your ideal healthy weight. All bundles come with choice of program which includes program structure, food list and how to achieve a Total Body Reset™️.


Ignite Metabolism Drops

Metabolism drops assist to reset and boost the body to burn excess fat stores through the metabolic process for faster and consistent weight loss.

Crave Control Leptin Drops

Leptin Drops to naturally reduce the body's unbalanced hunger receptors to realign for a balanced and more controlled hunger and appetite.

Slimming Body Patch

Infused with a specific blend of herbal extracts that partner perfectly with the metabolism and leptin drops to further enhance and boost the weight loss process.