SLIMTOX products are all natural formulas made from the highest quality ‘clean’ ingredients. The drops and patches are 100% natural formulas that will promote weight loss by speeding up the metabolism, prevent fat build up all while suppressing the appetite.

Our Shake Loss Protein Powder is one of the cleanest and most natural whey protein formulas on the Australian market. Free from chemical additives, sugars and fillers, and is a quality Whey Protein Isolate/Whey Protein Concentrate blend.


All SLIMTOX products are researched and tested prior to launch. Each formula in our products are made from the highest standard with nothing but natural, quality ingredients that have been created exclusively for SLIMTOX and it's programs. The drop and patch formulas have been formulated by a highly experienced team of herbalists to support your body during the program as well as complement each other in supporting whole body wellness.

We have had Naturopaths and Medical Practitioners Australia-wide personally experience the SLIMTOX program and products over the years. The feedback is so positive that they then recommend our programs and products to their clinical patients offering a natural solution to achieving a healthy and controlled weight management solution. 


We are Aussie born and bred and so are our products. All products are manufactured by accredited production facilities right here in Australia using only  quality ingredients that are at least 95% locally sourced.


We are joining the fight to eliminate the continued use of single use plastic and un-biodegradable man made packaging in exchange for sustainable enviro-friendly and recyclable solutions.

Your orders are packed used recyclable paper, boxes including tape. We are even reducing our carbon footprint by providing your program digitally rather than a hard copy booklet that may end up in landfill.