Are Cravings Sabotaging Your Diet?

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If cravings are sabotaging your diet and preventing you from losing those extra ‘kilos and cm’s’, you’re not alone. 

In fact, nutritional experts agree that food cravings are one of the main hurdles faced by anyone trying to get their weight under control. Whether it’s salty or sweet treats calling your name, unless you get those hunger urges under control, your weight loss efforts could be doomed to fail.

So how do you control those hunger signals and get your diet back on track?

The answer can be found in understanding a hormone called Leptin. 

Leptin is actually made by your fat cells and is responsible for telling your brain whether or not that you’re full based on how much stored energy (or fat) is on your body.

This is where problems can start. After years of eating those delightful salty and sweet treats that all have one thing in common - CARBS. This can make your body’s leptin hormone become confused. 

Basically, this is because it gets use to high levels of stored energy from those carbs and tries to balance itself.   

The result? Leptin Resistance and ... CRAVINGS!

Luckily there is an easy way to combat these leptin imbalances. Crave Control is a homeopathic remedy specifically formulated to support Leptin Resistance with its key ingredient:  Irvingia gabonensis. You may also know this as African Mango, which is the extract of fruits seeds commonly found in the tropical jungles of Africa. When it comes to balancing leptin functionality, it’s hard to beat. 

Not only did studies show the seed extract helped to reverse leptin resistance but even supported the breakdown and metabolising of carbohydrates and sugars that resulted in further fat burning and weight loss. So Crave Control isn’t just for conquering cravings but also to rev up weight loss. 

That's why our Crave Control Leptin Formula not only reduces the fat an carbs absorbed from the food you eat, but also the high levels of African Mango help to balance leptin and control cravings. 

So if you are ready to say goodbye to cravings and hello to a healthy and managed appetite, then our Crave Control is for you.

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