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Renew Collagen Body Patch


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RENEW is an all natural formula designed to naturally boost collagen production to assist with anti-ageing, inflammation and vitality.

  • 1 x 12 Pack
  • 42 Days Supply (wear one patch and replace every 4 days)

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R E P L E N I S H + R E P A I R

Amazing powerful collagen formula which may assist with anti-ageing, cell renewal and arthritis. RENEW is our original formula developed by a team of homeopaths ensuring each of our ingredients has a purpose for optimal health and wellness.

Our exclusive RENEW formula is suitable for men & woman and contains Collagen, Ginger, Turmeric plus CoQ10, Vit E, B9, A, C, Ginko Biloba, Magnesium as well as a long list of amino acids, peptides and more! Our products are 100% natural and animal cruelty free.

  • Contains a wide range of powerful vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants
  • Balanced delivery of formula over 72 hour time release
  • All natural collagen booster to help with signs of ageing
  • Improve your skin, hair and nail growth
  • Support for joint pain
  • Can help improve circulation

Note: all ingredients are made from organic herbs. Often collagen (protein) is taken from chickens or seafood, ours are 100% plant based. All ingredients help the body to produce more collagen and this remedy is suitable to assist with anti-ageing, improvement in hair, nails and skin, arthritis, wound healing, new cell growth and to improve circulation.


Place patch on clean, dry part of your body away from oils and hair. Press firmly down for 3 seconds to ensure it sits flat. Replace patch at morning of Day 4. Continue to wear as needed.



Collagen. Ginger. Turmeric. Oregano. Holy Basil. Skullcap. Boswellia. Japanese seaweed. Calcium. Phosphorus. Magnesium. Protein. Manuka Honey. Q10. DHEA. Vitamin E. B9. A.E. B6. B12. C. D. K. B1.B2.B3. b5. Xanthone. Anthocyanin. Lutein. Ginko Biloba. Zingiber Officinale Rhizome. Folium drocotyle. Asiatica. Citrus Hystrix Fructus. Lysine. Follium Silybum Marinum. Folate. Milk Thistle. Aloe Juice. Astragalus. Cayenne. Scutellaria. Lobelia Inflata. Yohimbine. Noopept. Huperzine. Ainpocetin. . Hordenine. Thiamin. Riboflavin. Niacin. CoQ10. PQQ. Astaxanthin. Ascorbate. Potassium iodide. Omega3. Glutathione. Acai Berry. Glucosimine Sulfate. Chondroitin. Catyimeristoleate. Thiamine. Leucine. Phenylalanine. Valine. Isoleucine. Threonine. Tryptophan. Tyrosine. Tocopherols – alpha. Beta. Gamma. Delta. Biotin. CitiCholine.

This formula is unique and exclusive to SLIMTOX Australia.

Our products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, illness or disorder. Made in Australia exclusively for SLIMTOX. Individual results may vary.


The information provided here is not intended to replace consultation or advice received by qualified health professionals regarding your specific situation nor is it to be taken as medical advice or diagnosis.

It is very important that people do not self-diagnose any on-going health condition. Any medication (herbal or otherwise) should be taken under the supervision of a knowledgeable practitioner.

Herbal medicine is the therapeutic use of plants to treat disease and enhance general health and wellbeing. Herbs can act on the body as powerfully as synthetic drugs and should be treated with the same care and respect.

All of our products are natural homeopathic preparations created in Australia.