SLIMTOX began in 2017 after owner and creator, Jennifer Whalland had gained unwanted weight due to several years of working from home, lack of daily activity, poor eating habits and menopause. For years she struggled to shift weight by standard diet and exercise. A friend told her about the ‘hcg diet’ who had lost over 20 kilos in 40 days by using prescription hCG which is administered by injection. However the cost was over $300 for 21 doses (vials).

Keen to learn more, Jennifer researched other options to the injection and discovered an Australian homeopathic clinic which manufactured hCG drops. She commissioned the clinic to make a special formulation and followed the very basic ‘pounds and inches protocol’. After 26 days, she successfully lost 8.7 kilos. This was an absolute game changer as she did not experience hunger or cravings even though she was eating 500 calories per day.

Jennifer and her husband Paul decided to study nutrition together and they obtained their qualifications in Natural Health and Nutrition Diet in late 2017.  This gave them the qualifications and expertise to expand the approved food list to include foods not before used in the standard ‘hcg protocols’.  


In April 2017, they worked closely with the homeopathic clinic to launch the very first HCG BODY PATCH.  The Body Patch is a transdermal patch when applied to the skin, it slowly releases the formula into the bloodstream offering the same results as the drops but more convenient. These were a massive success and they remain an integral part of the SLIMTOX program. 

SLIMTOX continued to raise the bar and in 2018 were the first HCG Detox Program to include healthy fats as part of the everyday program which was named “KETOX”.  Following the principals of keto, it was extremely successful program and welcomed by many who found the original program challenging to stick with. 

Fast forward to 2019 when they reworked the KETOX program to be renamed “Slim Down”. Less emphasis on keto and more on moderate and balanced fats/carbs/protein ratio. They also dropped the 3-phase as followed by the original plans and made it a simple one-step, no calorie counting program. The programs and product range continued to develop and in 2020 the range was expanded to incorporate ‘natural protein shakes’ as part of the program to make it even more convenient for busy people. After the launch, the SHAKE LOSS Program was sold out in 7 days! It has now become the SLIMTOX ‘flagship’ program which also incorporates our signature IGNITE fat burning and detox drops and slimming body patches.


Both Jennifer and Paul remain sole Directors of the Company and interact daily with the online Support Group offering advice, tips and motivation to their positive community of SLIMTOXERS.

They have had a strong passion and commitment for health and wellness having run successful bootcamp and personal training businesses since 2007 where Paul is a fully qualified Fitness Professional. Their passion is always the client and the success each and every one experiences. Paul regularly writes blogs on health and fitness and how it can be incorporated into the SLIMTOX program for maximum results.


Since the launch in 2017, SLIMTOX has become one of Australia's most successful and favourite HCG Program and being the leaders to further advancing the program and products which has seen thousands loving and living SLIMTOX every day.