Shake Loss Rapid Slim Down Program


Love a good shake program and one that packs a real punch? The Shake Loss Rapid Slim Down Program combines our Ultra Lean Whey Protein Powder plus the added fat burning formula of our IGNITE Drops and Slimming Body Patches all in one complete, easy to follow program.

  • 1 kg Ultra Lean Protein Powder (30 serves)
  • 50ml IGNITE Fat Burning Drops
  • 30 Pack Slimming Body Patches
  • Program e-Guide

Together with our IGNITE products, you will follow a proven nutritional guide list of fat burning foods which have been researched to deliver faster results. These include a variety of healthy proteins, low carb (low GI) fruits and vegetables as well as a simple portion guide that won't have you counting calories.

  • Busy + Active Lifestyle
  • Prefer a Shake Program
  • Smoothie + Protein snack recipes
  • Delicious, simple and tasty recipes
  • Tips and handy tricks to give you the very best results.

NOTE: If you would like to enjoy 2 shakes a day, you will need to order an extra tub of powder here.



Our program can have your body burning up to 3500 calories of unhealthy body fat a day.


The Shake Loss Program is based on achieving the best possible results in only 30 days, however if you haven’t quite achieved your goal, simply continue until you have reached your happy, healthy weight.


No carrot sticks here! While you are on the program, you will be eating real whole foods (choices of protein, fruit, vegetables and healthy fats) which won’t put a stop on your social life. You can enjoy a night out with friends as long as you stick with the approved foods. How does a steak and salad sound, or maybe Mexican burrito bowl with guac (minus the corn chips of course!).  Eating a wide variety of whole foods with protein shakes will ensure you have an adequate intake of minerals, fibre and vitamins in your diet that your body needs.


The Shake Loss Program is extremely flexible with the food choices and in the program guide sent with your order, you will learn how to easily manage your portion sizes without counting calories or weighing portions (who has time for that?). It’s a simple no hassle formula that won’t have you tied up in the kitchen for hours. We believe this program is perfect for those who have an active lifestyle, run a busy household, or work long hours.


The combination together of the ultra lean protein shakes and nutritional guidelines as well as the IGNITE Drops and Slimming Body Patches will keep your body in optimal fat burning mode by releasing toxic stored fat into the bloodstream and use as energy. Your body will become an efficient fat burning ‘machine’ by burning up to 3500 of stored body fat daily all without hard exercise.


You aren’t restricted by what time you need to eat. If you prefer to have something for breakfast, then you can enjoy a shake before you go to work. Or maybe you would prefer to have 2 shakes during the day and a larger meal for dinner. As long as you meet the recommendations on your portions daily, then the flexibility is up to you.


Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Raw Cocoa Powder (choc flavour)/Vanilla Bean (vanilla flavour), Natural Flavours, Vegetable Gum, Organic Stevia.


Formulated Supplementary Sports Food. Not to be used as a sole source of nutrition or meal replacement. Not to be used by those under the age of 15 or pregnant. Protein calculated on dry basis. Allergen: Packed under HACCP conditions in a facility that also packs dairy, nuts and dried fruit.

PRODUCT OF AUSTRALIA. Made in Australia from 95% Australian ingredients.

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