Will SLIMTOX work with home delivered meals?

Are you currently using a home delivery food service and would like to optimise your losses?

While the home delivered meals have proven to be extremely convenient, many have found that the losses aren’t as big compared to the SLIMTOX program. However, they are nutritionally balanced and all the hard work is done for you. Pull out of the fridge or freezer and pop into the microwave and – ding, done! 

Can I use SLIMTOX Drops and Body Patches with my home delivery food service?

If it’s convenience and structure that you are after, then we can confidently say that our SLIMTOX Drops and Slimming Body Patches™ have been shown to accelerate losses when used in conjunction with the most popular home delivery pre-packaged meals. In fact, we have received feedback from those who have used various home delivery meal services, reporting losses of approximately 12+ kilograms in just two months.

How can they work?

It’s simple. All portion controlled “diets” will help you lose weight and give you structure. Our products are key to supporting the metabolising of stored body fat to use as energy as well as keeping your hunger in check, so essentially, the SLIMTOX products will speed up the losses from an average 2 kilograms per week without our drops or patches to massive 5 kilograms when using the support detox drops and body patches!

Each person is different and you must strictly adhere to the foods that you have ordered and not add in extra “treats” that will throw your calorie intake out.

It’s recommend that you follow the calorie intake of approximate 800 calories per day (this could be lunch and dinner). Nutritional guides indicate many of these pre-packaged home delivered meals are around 350 calories per meal including macros of around 30 grams of protein per serve.

What are the best healthy home delivered meal options?

There is a lot of choice available with many having been around for years. However it will come down to personal preference, whether you want to follow low carb, low fat, keto, gluten free, high protein etc.  Our products have been proven to work with many nutritional eating plans.

We suggest that you look for the following when choosing the best home delivery service for you:

  • Low carbs ≤15-17 grams per meal
  • Lean protein ≤25-30 grams per serve
  • Calorie count of ≤350 per meal 
  • Fat count (this will depend on if you have chosen keto or low fat meal choices)
  • Low sugar ≤10 grams per meal
  • Dietary Fibre ≤6-8 grams per serve

These should be used as a guide only and always read the nutritional panel provided on their websites. 

When selecting your meals, choose the ones that include leafy salads with protein and side dressings or protein and vegetables. Please don't include their snack treats such as cookies or cakes/muffins and say goodbye to their "healthy juice" add ons too.

Can I follow the SLIMTOX plan and order some pre-packaged home delivery meals too?

Of course you can. Again, as long as you are eating “real food” you will continue to get “real results”. 

What SLIMTOX products work best?

If you are using a reputable pre-packaged home delivery healthy food service and you know the calories and macro breakdown, then you only need to buy the extender products from our online store. Bundle up with two or more products to receive 25% off plus free shipping within Australia. We recommend drops and patches together for optimal results.


DISCLAIMER: The delivery services mentioned are specifically pre-packaged weight loss and whole foods meals that are portioned and calorie controlled. This does not include foods delivered by services such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo.